What is the Apollo Profile

Essentially the Apollo Profile Psychometric Personality Test provides a personalised report that can give individuals, consultants, and organisations insight on thirty-four factors that are commonly seen as contributing to career success.

The comments usually provide verification and reassurance on an individual's strengths or suitability for certain roles. However, where a person scores outside the range normally associated with successful work behaviours, comments are constructively and objectively provided which may give valuable information to help eliminate career blocks and handicaps.

Scores and comments are colour coded for ease of interpretation, with green indicating appropriate scores, and amber and red indicating possible areas to consider.

Constructive guidance is provided as to how to improve where appropriate.

Feedback is given under the headings of Career Drives, Conflict Management, Coping, Leadership & Influence, People Orientation, Strategic Orientation, Values, and Workplace Management.

To see an example of an Apollo Profile report - choose from the following;

Compare apples with apples - 6 generic norms provided so you assess people against relevant norms.

  1. Executive and Senior Management
  2. Management, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Foremen - anyone in charge of other people
  3. Sales people - suited for anyone with selling responsibilities, including high level professional sales.
  4. General Non-management Workforce - including white collar, customer service, blue collar, and professionals having no managerial responsibilities.
  5. Call Centre - Outbound and Sales
  6. Call Centre - Incoming and service /customer support


The Apollo Profile is based on well-known concepts and practices aligned to the modern workplace. The Apollo Profile incorporates world wide research, and the instrument has undergone validation and reliability testing, demonstrating high levels of stability/reliability of dimension scores, and providing differential (validated) workplace profiles.

The current version 4 now reflects the results of contemporary research and changes in the nature of the workforce since 1996, and the introduction of upgraded narratives, new Excellence Scores, Benchmarking and Organisation Capability Assessments, and other features. Over 114000 people are now on the Apollo database, and numerous studies have been done that further strengthens the validity and usefulness of the Apollo Profile.

Version 4 contains more high level tools that enable organisation development and consultancy programs. Version 5 is advanced in construction and will be released shortly.

The construction of The Apollo Profile recognises that human beings are complex and unique. Different people are suited to different activities. Nobody is suited to, or interested in all activities. People have preferences, which influence what they want to do, and how they carry out those interests. These interests relate also to career choices and in turn to potential suitability for and success in different career paths.

The Apollo Profile is intended to be used as a guide for individuals to maximise their career potential. Thus human resources professionals and managers also have available a tool that can provide information to assist them in their people management and development tasks.

Just as human beings are different, so too are organisations. Organisation cultures are different. The Apollo Profile can help individuals confirm their fit to the organisation culture, and can also help provide section or department profiles which can be related to current productivity, teams, morale, and training needs, and can contribute to discussion of issues in strategic planning.

In particular, The Apollo Profile provides diagnostic and descriptive comments regarding possible training needs and ways to enhance career performance. Detailed advice can be obtained from accredited interpreters or career counsellors if desired.

Colours are used as guidelines for quick interpretation, and indicate as follows:

GREEN Score is in the range normally associated with performance at this level.
AMBER Score is outside the range normally associated with performance at this level, and should be thoughtfully considered for appropriateness.
RED Score is significantly outside those normally associated with performance at this level, and should be verified and examined carefully

The amber and red coding indicates that a person could have difficulties, compared with others at that level, in effectively handling all elements of the factors mentioned, or that special attention may need to be given to those categories.

There are many circumstances when it may be preferable to have scores outside the guidelines given, and intelligent judgements regarding applicability are left to the reader.

Summary of Advantages of the Apollo Profile

The Apollo Profile is like a mini test battery that enables more information of specific attributes. Most other instruments measure far fewer attributes, with many common ones only having eight factors .

Separate reports are available measuring against Executives, or Sales, or Middle Management / Supervisor, or Customer Service / Support Staff and Call Centres.

The Apollo Profile is based on today's workplace and reflects modern organisation life.

Written in easy to understand non-psycho babble terms. Use of colour also aids quick bench marking and relativities.

Research and testing has been done in the design and construction of the Apollo Profile by pre-eminent psychologist Dr. Richard Hicks, and users can be confident of the methodology and data supplied, subject to the normal limitations applicable to the use of any instrument of this nature. (Click to see Technical Report)

Speed and Convenience
Instant on-line processing of the questionnaire via the Internet gives you instant reports at your own location.

Control and Security
No other parties need see your confidential reports.

Ongoing support and on-line accreditation available from The Apollonean Institute, and the world wide network of Distributors.

Available on-line or in house or by open program where available.

No prerequisite qualifications to become accredited
Experienced human resources professionals and consultants usually learn quickly, especially if familiar with other instruments.

Numerous applications
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The Apollo Profile as a document can be used and accepted at face value. However, individuals accredited for the Apollo Profile can interpret the dimension results more extensively, and in particular relate the report to the specific situation and context of the candidate. Accreditation explains the background and various applications of the Apollo Profile, and trains users in a higher level of interpretation.

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