Accreditation as an Interpreter of the Apollo Profile


Accredited users are allowed to use Apollo Profile materials and incorporate them in their own consulting, recruitment, training and career development activities.

Accredited people can read more into interpretations and in particular relate the report to the situation and context of the candidate.

Accreditation supplies credibility and confidence that the Apollo Profile is being administered in a professional and ethical manner.

The accreditation program explains the background of the Apollo Profile, and trains users in a higher level of interpretation, with an emphasis on applications.

Accreditation as a user and interpreter of the Apollo Profile can be done by attending an in-house or open training program, or through on-line distance learning through The Apollonean Institute.

Enrolment in the on-line Distance Learning Accreditation Program will provide you with the Interpreter?s Manual, Workshop Materials, and Test materials. You will also be provided with your own Apollo Profile report, which you will constantly be referring to as part of the "Know thyself" component.

You will be required to obtain an 80% pass mark using open book examination techniques, plus demonstrate proficiency in the interpretive exercises given. The syllabus involves considerable "learning by doing" exercises to ensure transfer of knowledge that can be applied.

Following successful completion of the program you will be awarded a Certificate recognising your achievement, welcomed into the Apollo Profile network, and your name will be listed on the Accredited Users database.

No formal education prerequisites are required. Experienced human resources professionals and psychologists will recognise many of the concepts and practices presented, and anybody familiar with other instruments should quickly understand and apply the Apollo Profile. Accreditation is based on demonstrated competencies rather than formal education.

The on -line distance accreditation program enables you to work at your own pace, with convenience to your timetable. There is no time limit for completion.

Accreditation Syllabus

How to use the on-line accreditation facility

  • Background and psychometrics of Apollo Profile
  • Factors/Categories
  • Items
  • Constructs
  • Reliability and Validation
  • Development Methodology and Technical Report
  • Factor Coefficients Table
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Background of authors Dr Richard Hicks/Mr James Bowden
  • The Apollo Profile Report
  • Introduction
  • Organisation of report
  • Information to assist interpretation
  • General
  • Career Roles and The Apollo Profile
  • Limitations
  • Implementation of Solutions
  • Shadow Side and Light Side
  • Meaning of each Factor
  • Correlations between factors
  • Apollo Common Clusters and types
  • Applications
  • Career Development and Training
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Team Building
  • Sales Development
  • Executive Profiling
  • Organisation Development
  • Human Resources Bench Marking
  • Culture Building
  • Mentoring
  • Outplacement
  • Customising Profile
  • Ethics and Limitations
  • Terms and Conditions and Policies
  • Open Book Examination Questions, and Workshops
  • The Apollo Network and Professional Development

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